Only When Something’s Gone

Lyrics and Music by Ja’son Manwill
© ℗ 2001-2023 Jason Manwill Music, Ltd. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Verse 1:

The day you left, I felt so cold and alone.

the night was torture when you didn’t come home.

Confused and lost I didn’t know what to say,

No beacon to guide me now back to the bay


Only when somethings gone, you realize what you had.

To have you there with me. Then you slip right out of my hands.

I wanted one more chance to prove my love to you.

And all the things I did wrong.

Then I looked, and you were gone.

Verse 2:

The seasons change, and so does time.

I still think of you, your still in my mind.

I wanted to tell you, but I couldn’t tell you how i felt.

Sorry I took your love for granted, and now I’m all alone in the world and your somewhere else.

Repeat Chorus 1x and Fade out with Intro.


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