Inspired & Ready to Rock The World in 2024

Hello Up Late Last Night Nation® Family,

Tonight I was at a Special Event with incredible people from all walks of life and they inspired me to bring my music to the world like never before. After I played the Private Event, I got to meet Producers, Educators, Pastors, Volunteers, and those that help bring communities back to life. After this one live performance, I got the idea that this vocal would be perfect for one of my new tracks. I need a Powerhouse that can bring the soul of Aretha Franklin and the Soul of Whitney Houston. I found that person tonight. I will also be collaborating with them and together we will create incredible new music for 2024 and that music will rock this planet to its core.

Ever so often you meet people in this world who uplift you and make you shine for all the world to see. Those are the people I cherish and want in my life, as those people uplift me and take me to a whole another level in my music and in my writing and in my lyrics as well.

In the next few months, I am going to Award shows and doing a Tribute Concert before the Grammys® in 2025. One thing on the list this year is to conduct an Orchestra with my music. Let me know if you have anyone that would be open to doing this with me. Have them connect with me via socials, or the contact form on this website.

Much luv and Admiration to the fans all over the world that share the journey with me,


April 26th Pre-Sale Begins

Hello Up Late Last Night Nation® Family,

We are counting down, and starting tomorrow we are 21 days away from the Pre-Save and Pre-Sale going LIVE for:

Finding Love Again”, a Aerosmith/Guns N’Roses type ballad that takes you on a Self Discovery Journey of Losing Love and Finding it Again.

“Prisoner”, a Creed/Metallica Rock Riff that will answer the question, if you were a Prisoner, could YOU Escape?

“Rise Above It All”, a Elton John/Billy Joel/Leon Russell Ballad about Losing your life to drugs, and then getting it back, and then making the decision to never go back, but instead Rise.

“Only When Something’s Gone”, a ballad for anyone who’s ever lost someone, or had someone leave them, and the silence of it all.

……………..and a Surprise Track that no one will expect.

I know my fans all over the world have been waiting for this day, and so have I. I am so excited for you to hear the NEW MUSIC.

Pre-Save and Pre-Sale Begins April 26 @6pm EST. Sign up for the Newsletter to stay informed of all the upcoming releases, news, and special events and performances in 2024!

Thank you for being my amazing fans and I appreciate you greatly.

Much luv and Admiration,


Radio Zero Interview #51: The Ja’son Manwill Episode: Stream and Listen Now

Hello Up Late Last Nation Family,

As Promised here is the link to Stream and Listen to the amazing Radio Zero Interview with Mofohari.

Stream and Listen Now, and if you have any comments or would like to collaborate with me in 2024, then follow the instructions in the interview.

Look forward to listening and collaborating with you all very soon.

Much Luv and Admiration,


Radio Zero Interview Airing Saturday February 10th 2024 @ 11pm EST.

Hello Up Late Last Nite Nation Family,

WOW! What an incredible ending to 2023 and awesome start to 2024! I recently did a Radio Interview with MofoHari @ Radio Zero. In this interview I go ALL the way back to the beginning, before the Grammy® nomination and tell the story of Me, and when I wrote the Grammy ® Nominated song “Despair”. This is the unfiltered version by Me. If you want to know why I do what I do, and why I LOVE Music and Connecting with my Fans all around the world, then I encourage you to listen to this 2024 Radio Interview this Saturday @ 11pm EST. Thank you to Radio Zero, Mofohari for having me on for Her listeners and I hope you enjoy the interview and that it Inspires all of you, no matter what your genre of music is, to really get your music out there for the entire world to enjoy. If I can do it, so can ALL of you listening.

P.S. I will post it as it airs LIVE on Radio Zero on Saturday at 11pm EST, and link to it here. Thank you all for being Fans and Supporting my Music and I will see you at my upcoming tours and exclusive show and performance dates very , very soon.

Much Love and Admiration for all you do as an Artist, Musician, and Singer/Songwriter, to share your gifts and music to all humanity,


Featured Interview in

Hello Up Late Last Night Nation® Family,

Featured Interview in this evening. In the interview I talked about why I wanted to pursue creating a creative path professionally. I also talked about my story and what every one of my loyal fans mean to me

Here is the article link to read:

Special thanks goes to for the interview and publishing the interview to help Creatives, Artists, like me.

Last Performance Dates of 2023 Finalized.

Hello Up Late Last Night Nation® Family, this morning at 7am central time I finalized the last performance dates of 2023. I will be doing shows in Florida, Chicago, and Missouri to finish the 2023 year with a bang.

Along with that, I will be again in the studio for a very special 3 Single Release with details to come shortly.

I am working now with my Management Team on the 1st Quarter of 2024 dates and they will be announced on January 7th 2024.

Stay tuned for updates and follow me on social media for the latest music news and events.

Until then Create Music Abundantly and NEVER give up on yourself, or your music.

Much Luv and Admiration,


Sweet Home Chicago, and First Gig Back in 14 Years.

Hello…. Up Late Last Night Nation Family,

29 days ago I took a tremendous journey of a lifetime. I choose to go back to Chicago Illinois to help Artists and Musicians. I have put the World Tour on hold now until 2027. This does not mean that I am giving up by any means. This just means I have more work to do so that I am ready for that time, and when I do reach that ultimate journey,I will celebrate with you my Up Late Last Night Nation Family and we Together will Win.

In the meantime, I have some things planned like New Music Releases, Music Videos, and so much more coming in 2023-2024. Finding Love Again, and Prisoner, and Rise Above It All will still be released this year, as I now have the Production Studio to make that a reality and to Guarantee that the Distribution will be exactly what I want.

Lastly, I had my First Gig Back in 14 years with a Band in Golf Illinois last week. I will be posting to my official socials this weekend. It was a very fun time and the band was amazing. Special thanks goes to Wesley Horn on Guitar, Erik Martin on Bass, Jamie Martin on Acoustic Guitar, and Dan Castello on Drums. Also Special Thanks goes to Mason who made us sound sooo good. 🙂

I am still planning releasing my podcast interview with PhillyGoLive. Once he gets that to me, then I can put it up for all you to see.

Much Luv and Admiration to ALL of you around the world, waiting for me. I look forward to seeing you soon and grasping your hands at the VIP Meet and Greet.

Until that day, Keep The Music Alive Inside YOU, and Create It Everyday.

Ja’son Manwill Featured In Latest Voyage Tampa Magazine

Hello Up Late Last Night Nation®

Recently I was Featured in Voyage Tampa Magazine, as a Local Business Creator that you should know. I am so honored to be able to do the Interview with them and share my ideas of my music creation and also be put in with all the amazing Creatives in Tampa Bay as well.

Here is the link: I am right after the first paragraph, after the picture.

It was an amazing experience to be interviewed by Voyage Tampa Magazine and Connecting with all the Amazing Creatives Featured in their latest issue. To jump to my Feature directly, just click this link if you want to go straight in:

If you live in the Tampa Bay Area or a local Musician let’s connect and see how we can Create some amazing Music together for the world to Enjoy.

New Official VEVO Channel, Twitch Channel and More….

Hello, Up Late Last Night Nation ® the time is now 12:09am and I am just finishing my day and what an amazing day of music and production it has been.

I have a New VEVO Channel which I will announce very soon. The High-Energy Rock Single “Despair” is now International and available on all digital streaming platforms. Coming this November, we will be releasing it on VINYL Special Edition; more on that later.

We are now Streaming LIVE on Twitch on Monday Night’s at 9pm Eastern Time. I invite you to join me on my channel at 9 PM EST. at the following Official Channel Link:

I look forward to seeing all of you the Up Late Last Night Nation ® Family as I play Piano and share with you some incredible details in the heart future.

It’s 4am and here is an Up Late Last Night Nation® Family Update.

As I said before, it’s 4am and I wanted to share some exciting updates with you, my Up Late Last Night Nation® Family and give you some Behind The Scenes about the upcoming release. Which is coming in less than 20 days!!! We have just added more Merch to the Store. In the last few hours I created an amazing jasonmanwillofficial links page. Here is the link and feel free to share it with your friends:

In addition I have decided to go LIVE every week on Twitch for 30 minutes. You can tune-in to the LIVE Stream on Monday nights at 9pm Eastern by clicking the link. If you know people that love piano music, and loves to sing along and have fun, they are more than welcome to join our Up Late Last Night Nation® Family and you can share this link:

The 3 Song Series Release is getting ready to start the promotion and marketing stage of the release. In the next few coming days you will see an increase in promotion and push for this record, as I have been interviewed by various media and outlet sources to match this release.

Finally I just might but another Track on this Release. I was thinking about an “A” Side and “B” Side what do you think? Taking it back to Old School, Vinyl days… Oh it’s on Like Donkey Kong! Stay Tuned.

Much Luv and Admiration to all my Up Late Last Night Nation® Family, and Thank you for allowing me to do what I luv, that Inspires Me and I hope this NEW Music will Inspire You too.


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