Two More Singles added for 2024 RELEASE! “Prisoner”, and “Rise Above It All.” Releasing With “Finding Love Again” as a 3 Song Single.

Hello Up Late Last Night Family,

After watching Daisy Jones and The Six on Amazon Prime, I got inspired. Inspired to create and write again like I never have before. As a result “Prisoner” was BORN. I wrote it in 15 minutes. It is a ROCK song that identifies what it’s like to be Trapped, with no way out. Yet you know it’s time to escape.

Here is the Cover.

The next song I have had a while and believe it or not, did not know how or when to release it. This song is a TRUE story about a man I met that was heavily influenced in DRUGS. Now this is not the medical kind, or the so called little drugs, I am talking about HEAVY, non-stop kind. The kind that will make you black out and BINGE for days according to the Man I met. For 20 years He used drugs and did not know how to quit, let alone become better. Much like Grant Cardone’s Story, it was the same. Finally one day, He saw He needed to change, to become a better person, and so he took the steps to make it happen. This song is about His Journey and Destination. In the end, it’s a message of hope for all those who have ever struggled with addiction as a whole, or have been looking for a way out, or through it, but not been able to fully understand how to get there.

This song has a different meaning to all that listen to it. During COVID-19, working on this became an anthem to what was happening and what to do about it. Again, the song has many meaning and messages, but the overall theme is to RISE ABOVE IT ALL, no matter what life throws at you and don’t be afraid to do what is needed to be FREE.

Here is the Cover.

I have been working on these songs for you my fans, and so that the world will have some positive messages in the upcoming year ahead. Enjoy them and please let me know your thoughts.

Much Luv and Admiration to you all for all you do in Music and Life,


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