It’s 4am and here is an Up Late Last Night Nation® Family Update.

As I said before, it’s 4am and I wanted to share some exciting updates with you, my Up Late Last Night Nation® Family and give you some Behind The Scenes about the upcoming release. Which is coming in less than 20 days!!! We have just added more Merch to the Store. In the last few hours I created an amazing jasonmanwillofficial links page. Here is the link and feel free to share it with your friends:

In addition I have decided to go LIVE every week on Twitch for 30 minutes. You can tune-in to the LIVE Stream on Monday nights at 9pm Eastern by clicking the link. If you know people that love piano music, and loves to sing along and have fun, they are more than welcome to join our Up Late Last Night Nation® Family and you can share this link:

The 3 Song Series Release is getting ready to start the promotion and marketing stage of the release. In the next few coming days you will see an increase in promotion and push for this record, as I have been interviewed by various media and outlet sources to match this release.

Finally I just might but another Track on this Release. I was thinking about an “A” Side and “B” Side what do you think? Taking it back to Old School, Vinyl days… Oh it’s on Like Donkey Kong! Stay Tuned.

Much Luv and Admiration to all my Up Late Last Night Nation® Family, and Thank you for allowing me to do what I luv, that Inspires Me and I hope this NEW Music will Inspire You too.


  1. Despair Ja'son Manwill Buy 1:11