Sweet Home Chicago, and First Gig Back in 14 Years.

Hello…. Up Late Last Night Nation Family,

29 days ago I took a tremendous journey of a lifetime. I choose to go back to Chicago Illinois to help Artists and Musicians. I have put the World Tour on hold now until 2027. This does not mean that I am giving up by any means. This just means I have more work to do so that I am ready for that time, and when I do reach that ultimate journey,I will celebrate with you my Up Late Last Night Nation Family and we Together will Win.

In the meantime, I have some things planned like New Music Releases, Music Videos, and so much more coming in 2023-2024. Finding Love Again, and Prisoner, and Rise Above It All will still be released this year, as I now have the Production Studio to make that a reality and to Guarantee that the Distribution will be exactly what I want.

Lastly, I had my First Gig Back in 14 years with a Band in Golf Illinois last week. I will be posting to my official socials this weekend. It was a very fun time and the band was amazing. Special thanks goes to Wesley Horn on Guitar, Erik Martin on Bass, Jamie Martin on Acoustic Guitar, and Dan Castello on Drums. Also Special Thanks goes to Mason who made us sound sooo good. 🙂

I am still planning releasing my podcast interview with PhillyGoLive. Once he gets that to me, then I can put it up for all you to see.

Much Luv and Admiration to ALL of you around the world, waiting for me. I look forward to seeing you soon and grasping your hands at the VIP Meet and Greet.

Until that day, Keep The Music Alive Inside YOU, and Create It Everyday.

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